Deep Soaking Baths

Walk In Baths

We are specialist suppliers of a range of walk in baths and deep soaking Japanese style tubs. We also have our own colour changing, chromotherapy bath lights that are a perfect accessory to our new air spa system.

We make bathing safer, more enjoyable, more luxurious and even healthier, let alone more stylish than normal. All our walk in baths are handmade here in England. We are a small, family business with over seventeen years experience in the bathing industry. If you have any questions at all, please give me a call.

I bought this bath just over a year ago but installation didn’t happen until recently because of lockdown and the availability of trades and materials. We had to take down a wall to get it into our bathroom and then rebuild it, plus install a new pump to power the bath/shower mixer that I chose to go with it. As we were going all in with the bath, we decided to redo the whole bathroom, so the project ended up taking much longer and being much more expensive than we had anticipated. So was it worth it? 100% yes! I was never keen on taking baths, as a tall person I found them uncomfortable and I could never fully submerge myself. However, having developed arthritis in my hips and knees, I found myself longing for a hot soak. This bath has been a godsend. It is comfortable to sit in, I can have water up to my neck, and the jacuzzi jets are surprisingly powerful. I add muscle soak bath salts to the water and really does help relieve the pain when my arthritis flares up. I thought getting in and out of the bath might be a problem but I bought a two step stool and that does the trick. Everybody who sees it is intrigued and wants to have a try, it has really given our bathroom the wow factor as well as being functional.

Joanne Teefy

Thank you for a very efficient purchase and the help you gave, bath arrived this morning 11.15 with a very helpful driver, have not been able to check it as yet the fitter Arron will open and check on Monday morning it looks good ,very well packed thanks for getting it to us before hols.

Dorothy Clarke

My wife and I are very pleased with the bath we purchased from Essential Bathing. As we only have a shower cubicle we couldn’t get a conventional bath installed. Despite some reservations we are very surprised by the effectiveness of a sit in bath and would now choose it over a normal bath. The water stays hot longer and being fully submerged it’s a more relaxing experience overall.


Just to let you know the bath is fitted, and I only had 1 problem so far-that was getting my 13-year-old out of the bath, so I could get in!!! You are right the lights create a lovely effect and the 4 different spa speeds are nice so far (1bath in) I particularly like the varying speed jet which rotates the spa speeds. The depths of the sides also help with getting in and out. All I need to source now is a bathroom tv and who needs the rest of the house!!


David, I just wanted to let you know that I received the tub last week. It is beautiful, excellent quality and arrived in perfect shape. Thanks for a great product.


Wonderful soaking tub. Perfect for relaxing and floating your cares away.

Robin Glover

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful bath! It is safely installed in our new downstairs bathroom with a large window overlooking the garden. It holds the heat beautifully and is really sturdy. I am now the envy of all my friends. No one knew what a Japanese style bath was before I installed my Showa. Now, my builders are total converts and my plumber is recommending them to his clients.


We fitted our deep soaking tub with air spa and lights and I love it. Fitting easy had electrician friend explain how to do it. I have Multiple Sclerosis and we updated wet room to make shower bigger but I can actually get out of this bath as it has a step/seat in bottom. Husband built platform and step.

This bath is the best of both east and west…very deep luxury soak with the advantage of being able to stretch your legs out ( if not sharing!!). The air jets are a real bonus with 3 speed settings and I decided to have the lights fitted to make it a special treat.

I wanted to replicate the experience of being in a Spa, ( everyone loves the deep hot tubs and jets..)
David was a great help and not ‘pushy’, the plumber said all the fixings were of high quality and not cheap and tacky ( which is always a relief ).
This has made my bathing a great new experience .
I love it ….

Fantastic deep soak bath that doesn’t take up a lot of bathroom space but can easily accommodate me at 18.5st and 6ft3 in comfort. Great build quality and finish.

We absolutely love the Chagoi, its perfect luxury and practically combined. We designed our ensuite around it so that we can soak up to our necks and not worry if it overflows!