Bath Spa Light Kits

Simple to fit, our light is an independent unit with its own control/switch. There are 7 colours that can rotate slowly or you can select a particulate colour that suits your mood.

The pack contains a 230 to 12 volt transformer, a Chrome, illuminated (when switched on) control button with 1.5 meters of cable and a Chrome bezelled LED lamp unit with connecting cables. All connectors are easily recognised to assemble the unit.

Colours can create an ambiance and a general feeling of well-being. Our chromotherapy light reflect the colours of the rainbow and is designed to give the user the option of bathing in a sea of harmonious colours, gently fading from one to another, or to select a favourite that reflects the required mood.

Easily self-installed into your existing bath

Contact us to order your Bath Spa Light Kits. Or if you are ordering a bath from us we will happily fit this product for you for free.

Chromotherapy lights are exempt from VAT when purchased on a walk in bath only.

Essential Bathing Lights In A Box

Just dim your bathroom lights and treat yourself to some, or all, of the following:

Bath Spa Lights Red Light Essential BathingRed – The colour of life, the glowing sun and fire – and of course, desire.
Bath Spa Lights Orange Light Essential BathingOrange – An energising, cheerful symbol of the rising sun, to make us feel alert – a great wake up call.
Bath Spa Lights Yellow Light Essential BathingYellow – The brightest of the colours symbolising the sun at the horizon – rise and shine each morning.
Bath Spa Lights Green Light Essential BathingGreen – Nature at its most verdant, harmonious and positive – a great motivator.
Bath Spa Lights Mid Blue Light Essential BathingBlue – The colour of peace and infinity and the most perfect summer sky – drift away to a state of repose and tranquillity.
Bath Spa Lights Indigo Light Essential BathingIndigo – A cooling, relaxing and calming colour – complete chill out.
Bath Spa Lights Violet Light Essential BathingViolet – Just the right hue to indulge in a little meditation – gather your thoughts and soothe away those uncertainties.

Tranquilite Colour Therapy Lamp Specifications

  • LED lamp 8000 hours useage = to 11 years daily use. > CE, IPX8 front and IPX4 back IP68.
  • Rainbow spectrum rotating lights and ability to be hold single colour. > 3 watt.
  • Illuminated touch button, controller/on/off. > 230v to 12 volt transformer.

Tranquilite Colour Therapy Lamp Instructions for use

  • Press button once to turn on > Press again to change to next colour
  • Press again to change to next colour etc etc > Keep pressing to switch off.
  • At any point press and hold for 2 seconds to change to slow auto rotating spectrum of colours, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, indigo and violet.


Price is plus VAT, but in most cases the buyer would be VAT exempt, please call to discuss.
Free Delivery to the UK (except some Scottish Highland areas and Islands which may incur a small charge, please call if you are unsure).

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