I bought this bath just over a year ago but installation didn’t happen until recently because of lockdown and the availability of trades and materials. We had to take down a wall to get it into our bathroom and then rebuild it, plus install a new pump to power the bath/shower mixer that I chose to go with it. As we were going all in with the bath, we decided to redo the whole bathroom, so the project ended up taking much longer and being much more expensive than we had anticipated. So was it worth it? 100% yes! I was never keen on taking baths, as a tall person I found them uncomfortable and I could never fully submerge myself. However, having developed arthritis in my hips and knees, I found myself longing for a hot soak. This bath has been a godsend. It is comfortable to sit in, I can have water up to my neck, and the jacuzzi jets are surprisingly powerful. I add muscle soak bath salts to the water and really does help relieve the pain when my arthritis flares up. I thought getting in and out of the bath might be a problem but I bought a two step stool and that does the trick. Everybody who sees it is intrigued and wants to have a try, it has really given our bathroom the wow factor as well as being functional.